Plague, Fire, and Typology in Defoe's A Journal of the Plague Year

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Dokumentart: Article
Date: 1991
Source: Connotations ; 00103,258
Language: English
Faculty: 5 Philosophische Fakultät
Department: Anglistik, Amerikanistik
DDC Classifikation: 820 - English and Old English literatures
Keywords: Typologie , Defoe, Daniel , Katastrophe
Other Keywords:
Typology , Catastrophe, Vincent, Thomas
ISBN: 0939-5482
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The essay examines Daniel Defoe's A Journal of the Plague Year in light of Thomas Vincent's treatise God's Terrible Voice in the City (1667). Rosen argues that Defoe subverts the typological framework of plague and fire by suppressing the fire in order to supply a tragic mode rather than a redemptive one.

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