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Dokumentart: BookPart
Date: 2023-01
Language: English
Faculty: 8 Zentrale, interfakultäre und fakultätsübergreifende Einrichtungen
Department: Erziehungswissenschaft
DDC Classifikation: 370 - Education
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The collaboration between the Wits School of Education at the University of the Witwatersrand and the Tübingen School of Education at the University of Tübingen began in 2019 with mutual visits to both universities. Both institutions pursue similar goals: research-based teacher education, support of junior academics, collaboration with faculties or other university-wide institutions, addressing and incorporating urgent societal and global challenges, and working with a broad spectrum of involved disciplines. Researchers from both Schools realized their shared interests and challenges, and began to work on questions of teacher education collaboratively and binationally. Teams were created between researchers from corresponding departments in both institutions. The concept of this book requires either a comparative research approach between the two locations Wits and Tübingen or a binational approach addressing a joint question.

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