1. KuVS Fachgespräch "Network Softwarization" - From Research to Application

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1. KuVS Fachgespräch "Network Softwarization" - From Research to Application


Proceedings of the 1st KuVS Fachgespräch on "Network Softwarization"

The 1st KuVS Fachgespräch on "Network Softwarization" was held at the Fachbereich Informatik, Sand 14, in Tübingen, Germany, on October 12-13 2017.

Software-defined networking (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV), and network programmability in general are considered core ingredients of future networks and are summarized as network softwarization. Although they are still under research, these novel networking paradigms have already entered production stage for specific use cases. Major drivers are cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and security.

This workshop contains sessions regarding

  • Industrial Networks & Use Cases
  • Architecture of SDN
  • Teaching Network Softwarization
  • Security of SDN
  • SDN for Service Provider Networks
  • Evaluation and Monitoring

Some talks discuss papers published at previous conferences, others present ongoing work for which abstracts are provided in the proceedings. The workshop program is available here.

We especially thank the Technical Program Committee: Georg Carle, Michael Döring, David Hausheer, Artur Hecker, Marco Hoffmann, Frank Kargl, Holger Karl, Wolfgang Kellerer, Wolfgang Kiess, Mario Kind, Susanne Naegele-Jackson, Stefan Schmid, Fabian Schneider, Ralf Steinmetz, Phuoc Tran-Gia, Klaus Wehrle and Stefan Wesner

Editors: Michael Menth, Martina Zitterbart

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