A biallelic variant in CLRN2 causes non-syndromic hearing loss in humans

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dc.contributor.author Vona, Barbara
dc.contributor.author Rad, Aboulfazl
dc.date.accessioned 2021-09-01T12:36:36Z
dc.date.available 2021-09-01T12:36:36Z
dc.date.issued 2021
dc.identifier.issn 1432-1203
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10900/118453
dc.language.iso en de_DE
dc.publisher Springer de_DE
dc.relation.uri http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00439-020-02254-z de_DE
dc.subject.ddc 570 de_DE
dc.subject.ddc 610 de_DE
dc.title A biallelic variant in CLRN2 causes non-syndromic hearing loss in humans de_DE
dc.type Article de_DE
utue.quellen.id 20210512015105_01131
utue.publikation.seiten 915-931 de_DE
utue.personen.roh Vona, Barbara
utue.personen.roh Mazaheri, Neda
utue.personen.roh Lin, Sheng-Jia
utue.personen.roh Dunbar, Lucy A.
utue.personen.roh Maroofian, Reza
utue.personen.roh Azaiez, Hela
utue.personen.roh Booth, Kevin T.
utue.personen.roh Vitry, Sandrine
utue.personen.roh Rad, Aboulfazl
utue.personen.roh Rueschendorf, Franz
utue.personen.roh Varshney, Pratishtha
utue.personen.roh Fowler, Ben
utue.personen.roh Beetz, Christian
utue.personen.roh Alagramam, Kumar N.
utue.personen.roh Murphy, David
utue.personen.roh Shariati, Gholamreza
utue.personen.roh Sedaghat, Alireza
utue.personen.roh Houlden, Henry
utue.personen.roh Petree, Cassidy
utue.personen.roh VijayKumar, Shruthi
utue.personen.roh Smith, Richard J. H.
utue.personen.roh Haaf, Thomas
utue.personen.roh El-Amraoui, Aziz
utue.personen.roh Bowl, Michael R.
utue.personen.roh Varshney, Gaurav K.
utue.personen.roh Galehdari, Hamid
dcterms.isPartOf.ZSTitelID Human Genetics de_DE
dcterms.isPartOf.ZS-Issue 6 de_DE
dcterms.isPartOf.ZS-Volume 140 de_DE
utue.fakultaet 04 Medizinische Fakultät de_DE

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