CAA: Digital Archaeologies, Material Worlds (Past and Present)

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CAA: Digital Archaeologies, Material Worlds (Past and Present)


Proceedings of the 2017 CAA Annual Meeting


These proceedings represent a selection of some of the excellent papers and posters presented at the 45th annual Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA) conference which was held in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). The theme of the conference, as reflected in the title of this volume, was “Digital Archaeologies, Material Worlds (Past and Present).” We chose this theme to highlight the varying ways in which digital archaeologies are now practiced and how these practices are leading to new and exciting ways to share our data with interested publics. The papers in this volume are divided into the following themes: GIS, Education and Dissemination, Databases and Collaborative Data Management, Networks and Modelling, and Virtual and Augmented Realities.


Archaeology, Digital Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, GIS, 3D Visualization, Network Analysis, Databases, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality

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